Third Planet Treasures

High Quality Aquascaping Rocks for your Aquariums 

Be the envy of many Aquarium Enthusiasts
with our 100% Authentic High Quality aquascaping Rocks.
   100% all natural organic hand collected stones 
We specialize in rare natural colored and twisted lava you can get no where else. 
A lot of time is spent to bring you the best high quality aquarium stones. 
We strive to bring High Quality at affordable prices 
to our customers aquarium investments. 
 Aquascaping Stones last forever! 
 Because our stones are 100% Natural Organic Rock
They can be used over and over again for all your 
amazing aquascaping ideas.  
Your monies are never wasted 
and the therapeutic benefits to having 
an aquairum is priceless. 

Our Mission Statement
We are a small business devoted to bringing you
the Highest Quality Aquascaping Rocks for your aquariums,
 We hand collect each stone to make sure they are
chemical free, organic, unique and one of a kind.
We do the dirt work so your aquarium looks it's best