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8 Cholla Cactus Wood Pleco Fiber Plant attachment 8" - 10" long


Cholla Cactus Wood Pleco Fiber Plant attachment

Cholla Wood also known as Teddy Bear Cactus is a 

fantastic natural way to provide fiber to your aquatic pets and 

also plant attachment. 

Create a forest of trees with these amazing pieces

You will receive approx 8 pieces, see sample photos

Approx  8" - 10" long and width will vary

100% natural organic Cholla

They will need to be scrubbed and rinsed before adding to your aquascape

Scrubbing, Soaking, boiling and time will be needed to take the tinting out.

Or just clean as noted above and place in your tank if you enjoy a tinted environment

for your aquatic pets

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