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Raw Zeolite Stones for Ammonia absorption #ZEO


Raw Zeolite Stones Pieces

Raw Zeolite is a great way to absorb ammonias naturally in your aquarium

3 Stones Nice size pieces

Ranging from 2" - 3" long width will vary

Stones will come hand sliced and will vary in colors and texture due to the natural

raw zeolite stone structure.

Raw Zeolite can be re-engerized to use again

Please see Stone identification page for re-energizing

You should be able to re-energize the stones at least twice


* Please rinse your Zeolite pouch before adding to your aquarium.

Also While using zeolite in your aquarium it is wise to not put salt in your tank


as salt causes the zeolite to release the ammonia's back in your aquarium.


If you need to use salt in your tank, remove your zeolite first.


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