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Aquarium Spawning Pillars ( Your Choice) Rare colored, Natural Sliced Stone Free Standing #P1234


Aquarium Spawning Pillars Natural Stone

These beautiful focal point Pillars are

hand sliced natural stone and are

great for your Discus, Angelfish and other aquatic

breeding pets. 

Your choice between 1 through 4  as shown in photos. 

Pillar #1 - Quartz base Rare colored Grey, white with green hue

Pillar #2 Sandstone base, Rare Picturestone, Earthy tan and black striations. 

Pillar #3 Quartz base, Rare Colored Green, Tan, White Earthy colors

Pillar #4 Quartz Jasper Base, Rare Earthy Reds, Black

Free standing in a sand or gravel substrate

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