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Aquarium Bio Media Lava Filtration Bag High Quality Lava #LFB


Aquarium Bio Media Lava Filtration Bag

Our Bio Filtration High Quality Lava is 100% natural

Order includes: 1 Filled Bio Media Lava Filtration Bag + 2 Bio Media Lava Refills

Lava is an amazing component to the filteration of your aquarium.

Not only is lava  biological it is also mechanical.

You can use our Bio Filtration Lava a number of ways within your filter

to fit your individual filtering style needs.

Filtration bag can also be refilled  with new Bio Lava Media

Biological filtration is the lifeblood of your aquarium system.

It is responsible for the breakdown of dangerous ammonia into less-toxic nitrite and eventually nitrate.

Bio media has the important job of housing the beneficial bacteria that provide biological filtration. Beneficial bacteria that break down ammonia thrive in conditions where they receive a steady food source (ammonia or nitrite) and plenty of oxygen. Fish waste and decaying food and plants supply the ammonia and good water movement supplies oxygen. 

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