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6 Bristlenose Pleco Albino & Brown/Albino cross unsexed 1.5" - 2+"


6 Bristlenose Pleco Albino & Brown/Albino cross 1" - 1 1/2"

Random unsexed bristlenose Albino or Albino/Brown crossbred!

Tank raised fish are shipped out at 1.5 - 2+ inches

6 plecos variety, no one color can be promised. Filled as supply lasts 

Our plecos will be shipped in a securely wrapped/packed insulated usps box with a heat pack, raw zeolite pebbles to absorb ammonia and a bit of almond leave  for safe arrival.

Shipment schedule of your plecos will be weather controlled. 

Shipments will be scheduled only on Monday and Tuesday for safer delivery.

Live Fish Guarantee Policy- Customer must submit (2)photos of dead fish still sealed in bag within 2 hours of posted delivery. Due to the sensitivity of the live fish there is no exceptions to this rule!

* * Refund- Refunds will only take place if fish are out of stock.

** Our other policy is fish are replaced with customer paying postage only on the replacement fish

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