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Natural Lava Media XL Filtration Pouch (Canister Size) + 1 refill included, Biological & Mechanical


Natural Lava Media XL Filtration Pouch  for XL filters/canisters

Our Lava Media is 100% natural and is a wonderful component to your aquarium filtration.

Order includes: 1 XL Lava filled Media Filtration Pouch

plus 1 Lava Media refill included.

You're choice

#XLBLK - Black with zipper close

#VELM - White velco close

Our Filtration Pouch has a velcro closure so you can refill if ever needed and designed to be able to be layered to suit your preferences in your HOB or canister filters. Also bag design may vary as they are custom hand sewn.

Lava Media is both Mechanical and Biological, great for Beneficial Bacteria in your aquarium which helps create a healthier environment for your aquatic pets.

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