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XL Black Twisted Lava Pillar Tree Trunk type 40-100 Gal Focal Point #A850


Aquarium Black Lava Pillar XL


Approx 16" inches tall X 6 inches wide x 5" thick and approx 25 pounds shipped

This Lava Tree trunk type Pillar is stunning in its tall twisted slender shape and has many variations, structure, design and crevasses within it do to it's  natural form for plant attachment

This stone will aquascape approx 40-100 gallon focal point

What you see is what you get!

This Extra Large Black Pillar Lava is extraordinarily beautiful and unique in shape and 100 % natural environmentally friendly renewable resource.

this stone has to be shipped in a usps priority weight box

because of it's extra large size and weight. Shipping is approx $60.00 for USA

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