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The sustainability of our planet for future generations has to be a global effort and global movement.  Each person on earth needs to be conscious of every piece of trash they throw out, because every piece of trash goes somewhere and affect something or someone.   It only makes sense to tap into and invest in many ways to the sustainability of our Earth. Our ocean corals have ground breaking medical benefits to help advance humanity beyond the restrictions of many diseases.  We were given one Earth and it's a global responsibility.   Earth can only take so much waste before it collapses.  History has proven, put enough waste into a pond and that pond will die and all that is in it. Our Ocean is our only pond we have and it needs to be care for properly so that we can tap into its endless resources.

Very important endeavors should never be ignored especially when they are a global benefit to the future life of our planet and all that resides! GOC is a pioneering endeavor to bring recognition, cooperation, knowledge, Global community network of common ground working and understanding of the abundant, untapped potential of our oceanic resources and it's medical unprecedented benefits to humanity! This endeavor can only be through global cooperation and commitment!

The vision for Global Ocean Center was inspired by founder Chris Hartman’s front-line experience on the largest and most diverse offshore projects in the subsea industry. During his two decades of field operations, he learned of the abundant, untapped potential of our oceanic resources. Furthermore, he witnessed first-hand the economic and administrative inefficiencies caused by lack of a centralized system of coordination, communication and education. Recognizing the need for an organization to set a high bar for accountability in personnel, assets and information, Chris is currently assembling a team of world-class experts and investors committed to achieving this objective.

It is an ambitious goal that requires intensive focus and resources. We are seeking those who share this vision and are willing to invest in it, bringing this vision into reality.


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