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Aquariums and Aquascaping as a form of natural therapy? Why yes they are.  I've had many people respond with surprise and not realize that aquariums and aquascaping bring many natural therapeutic benefits to a lot of people. I have had many customers and people mention to me how invaluable and important their aquariums, aquascape and aquatic pets are to them. How it brings them such peace and comfort to just sit and watch their aquatic pets, or enjoy looking at the aquascape they created. I've even heard some mention ''' who needs TV''!   There are many people with many forms of unseen illness that keep them from daily activities or even home bound and they find that aquariums help with their anxiety and stress along with other unseen conditions they are challenged with. 

   Aquariums and aquascaping is an invaluable natural therapeutic tool for nearly all ages that I would like to see become a recognized NFOT (natural form of therapy) within the medical field with funding for educational classes and in-home follow up help options for patients that enjoy or would like to enjoy having aquariums. There's endless knowledge that goes along with keeping aquatic pets, not just the beauty of the fish or the created aquascape, but the importance of keeping the environment healthy for the aquatic pets they plan on keeping.  The more people know about keeping aquariums and aquatic pets the more likely they will be successful with their own tank and their own unique style of aquascaping while benefiting from hours of natural therapy.  

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